Arctic Siberian photography at Horniman Museum, London

Bryan Alexander Siberia

It’s such a pleasure to write about the Horniman Museum – there’s so much to write about the museum itself and I might do that another day, but when I dropped in this week for a quick visit it was a temporary photography exhibition that caught my eye.

Whisper of the Stars: Traditional Life in Arctic Siberia showcases 40 photographs by British photographer Bryan Alexander focusing on the modern day inhabitants of Arctic Siberia, with beautiful images showing the people, their homes, their dress, and their way of life – for instance, the traditional activities such a hunting, herding and fishing that remain important in their community.

Bryan Alexander Siberia

Boy eating raw reindeer meat. Bryan Alexander at Horniman Museum

While many of the images show the extreme nature of life in Siberia such as a a boy eating raw reindeer meat for breakfast, a reindeer herder with a frozen moustache and a lady carrying home round slabs of frozen milk, others show more ‘ordinary’ life of tea, bread and jam being eaten around the table.

Other photographs show the landscape, with the red/orange sun reflecting off the white snow as dog sleds drive across the open landscape; lone reindeer herders and fisherman assessing their catch from nets placed under the frozen ice.

Bryan Alexander Siberia photography Horniman Museum

The photographs really are stunning, the balcony gallery setting at the Horniman Museum is a perfect place to see them, and the fascinating insight into this remote Siberian landscape just adds to the joy.

Also…overheard in the exhibition…”You wouldn’t catch me living in Siberia”…”lovely pictures, aren’t they?”…”Where’s the aquarium”…and…”Stop calling me a Diva!”

Horniman Museum, 100 London Road, Forest Hill, London SE23 3PQ

Until 7 September 2014


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