Literary Gin Palace at Charles Dickens Museum, London

After visiting the Charles Dickens Museum last month I was keen to check out one of their events so off I went with a couple of friends to the Literary Gin Palace event last night.

Literary gin palace at charles dickens museum

The idea was that you take a self-guided tour round the museum to pick up ingredients from different rooms to flavour your gin. Then in the kitchen a representative from No. 3 Gin explained some things about gin from Dickens’ lifetime (soda water, better distillation, temperance movement, cocktails) before pouring you a nice glass of gin.

Charles Dickens museum event gin

You then completed the drink with your choice of the extra flavours that you had picked up earlier (I went for grapefruit, juniper berries and coriander and it was delicious).

No.3 Gin at Charles Dickens event

There was also a bookbinding session going on, but that was too busy for us to get involved in so we returned to the bar for two more gins and to listen to a man and his acoustic guitar.

I liked how you had to tour the museum to pick up your ingredients so that the museum wasn’t secondary to the event. However, because the ingredients didn’t have connections to the rooms the tour didn’t provide anything extra than a normal tour round and I can’t say I actually learnt a great deal, but then, who needs learning on a Thursday evening.

Considering how busy the bookbinding session looked that must be a good idea for another event, but it was definitely the lure of gin that got my two friends to come with me so for bringing new audiences into the museum gin was definitely the way to go!

Charles Dickens Museum
48 Doughty Street, London WC1N 2LX
The event cost £15 and included one free drink


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