Terence Coventry – Pangolin Gallery


Looking at nature and reducing these forms to their basic shapes is probably about stage one in any art course, but to do it well takes a lot more – perhaps more practice, more time, more talent. It also helps if you’ve spent years observing nature and seeing how animals live; how they move and breathe.

Terence Coventry spent 25 years as a pig farmer in Cornwall before returning to his love of sculpture. So it’s not surprising that his portrayals of animals, particularly birds, are so full of character and charm even when broken down into their basic sculpted shapes. The jackdaws, portrayed in their natural poses, looking curiously round, flying high or grouped together on a chimney are my favourites and if I had a little bit more spare cash I’d be very tempted to treat myself to one of his silver Jackdaws, selling at £6,480 (below).

I’m not so drawn to his sculptures of people, but one of them, called Pomona, stands out. The style is softer, but her vulnerable-looking body and uncomfortable pose are contrasted by her stern, self-assured expression.

And it’s the expression on the face of the Corton Owl that I love, he looks a little melancholy and I’d like to try and cheer him up.

This exhibition is open until 23rd February 2013 at the Pangolin Gallery, London. The sculptures are beautiful and interesting and come with a great back story of a pig farmer sculptor. Prices range from an almost affordable (depending on your definition) £3,600 to over £32,000 for one of the large monumental sculptures.


One response to “Terence Coventry – Pangolin Gallery

  1. How sweet! I’m not usually one for brutalist shapes but these manage to somehow retain all the skittish, fragile elements of birds. Love the story too – from pig farmer to sculptor: maybe there’s hope for all of us! Thanks for a fun entry in a bleak January!

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