Design Museum review – Jewellery, electronics and shiny things

I wouldn’t normally try and write about multiple exhibitions at a time, but each of the current exhibitions at the Design Museum intrigued me for different reasons, so here goes:

Unexpected Pleasures (until 3 March 2013)

You won’t find too many traditionally worked metal rings and bracelets at the Design Museum’s jewellery exhibition Unexpected Pleasures and the art led focus can leave many pieces looking odd when just seen in display cases, however, if you take your time to look at the pieces, try and work out how they might be worn, what you might wear it with or how the designer may have come up with the idea, the pieces begin to have more meaning and become far more rewarding than your average jewellery shop window. But the part that works best is where the designs are shown in context, with images of the jewellery being worn, where you really can get a feeling for the pieces laid out before you.

white plastic

Suzanne Klemm, Frozen, 2007


Paul Derrez, Pleated Collar, 1982


Caroline Broadhead, Necklace/Veil, 1983


Annelies Strba / Bernhard Schobinger, Saw Bracelet and Brain Saw, 1988

For more from the Design Museum website:

For an interesting article with the curators:

Designers in Residence 2012 (until 13 Jan 2013)

Based on the idea that modern electronics have become impenetrable and you can no longer easily dismantle, repair and reassemble things yourself (think iPhone here!) one of the Design Museum’s latest Designers in Residence, Yuri Suzuki, has looked at demystifying electronics and I for one think it’s a great idea. While I’m sure you can buy similar basic electronic kits at the Science Museum this is the Design Museum and it’s the design flair which makes this stand out. For instance, one of Yuri’s projects is a Tube Map Radio, bringing together great design, electronics and a homage to Harry Beck’s original designs for the underground map. Great idea.

Yuri Suzuki, Tube Map Radio

Yuri Suzuki, Tube Map Radio

For more from Yuri Suzuki see:

Digital Crystal (until 13 Jan 2013)

Shiny things, polar bears and spinning crystals. There was a lot more to it than this, but that’s what I took away form it!

Blur, Philippe Malouin


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