Review: Museum of Things, Berlin


A museum…of things…I have no idea how to convey in this space how awesome this museum is. At Oranienstrasse 25, not far from Kottbusser Tor, up many flights of stairs (look out for the lift, unlike me who only saw it on the way down), is a museum, beautifully curated, chronicling design, or rather more simply, objects, of the 20th and 21st centuries.


I could have spent hours finding something new to look at in each display case, and it was a perfect mix of cleverly curated spaces showing particular design trends and also more jumbled up cases packed with either random objects or themes such as the 1936 Olympics, the Mona Lisa, yellow, or body parts.

MD2 (2)

I probably love it so much as I envy the freedom someone has there to just take such a random bunch of objects and work out how they want to display and order it and wondering how I would do it if given complete free reign. But even for those who aren’t frustrated curators it’s just a really interesting place and and none of the pictures I took did it justice at all, so just trust me.


DSC_0585 (640x425)



Oranienstrasse 25, Berlin


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