Review: Secret London, London Transport Museum

I thought I might have overdosed a little bit on the London Transport Museum in recent months having been to their map exhibition, a tour of the posters and artwork at the depot in Acton and the tour of the disused underground station at Aldwych, so when I dropped by to see the Secret London illustration competition and exhibition I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did.

However, it was more a case of trying to decide which illustration I wouldn’t want to buy rather than choosing my favourites as each time I moved on to the next one it would win me over, whether it was a collection of pigeons, the Lost and Found, or a taxi stand, I was kept interested right until the end.

After buying the exhibition catalogue, which is in a refreshingly small and well designed book (I’ve just moved house and the number of large coffee table books I am trying to find room for is putting me off ever buying another), I’m now trying to work out which are my favourite and which I can buy / afford!

The only downside is unless you’ve already bought a yearly ticket for the museum it will cost you full admission price to go in, but if you do make the effort you can go back as often as you like to the number of interesting exhibitions they seem to have on there, as well as enjoy the museum itself, for a whole year. But unfortunately this exhibition is only on until 10 December!


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