Courtauld Gallery review

Another lunch time museum visit, this time to the Courtauld Gallery, at Somerset House on the Strand, London. This is one of my favourite galleries in London and as it’s free before 2pm on a Monday it is the best way to get through a dreary day in the office.

Paintings at Courtauld gallery London

This gallery is also an ideal place to do an art history course in just under an hour. You start off at the renaissance and end with modern art and some Lucian Freud sketches. You walk past Cezanne, Renoir, Gaughin, Van Gough, Monet, Picasso, Kandinsky, everywhere you look there’s an artist that you either know of, or know you should learn about, and in a pocket sized (compared to the National Gallery, Tate etc) beautiful building it’s all there just for you.

Paintings at Courtauld Gallery London

I went along at lunchtime as a third year undergraduate on the Courtauld Institute Art History course was giving a 15minute talk on a Kandinsky painting, who, mainly due to his descriptions of the colour green (e.g. bemoaning its “self satisfied composure”) and my love of Bauhaus has always interested me. It’s such a good idea to get a student to give short talks like this and a good use of their knowledge, being able to put both their knowledge and passion into practice.

Lucien Freud Courtauld Gallery London

Another reason I went today was to see the Lucian Freud etchings that I hadn’t seen before and they are a great addition to the gallery, giving me even more reason to suggest it to anyone as the must see gallery on any short trip to London, or as the gallery of choice to anyone who wants to learn more about art and see as much as possible in a small, contained and easily managed visit.

I took pictures of the amazing staircase too but for some reason I can’t get them to upload!


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