Review: Pallant House Gallery – Chichester

I love modern art, but I’m no art buff or critic. So going to an art gallery I’d never heard of before and finding two exhibitions I loved, by artists I’d never seen before added up to a pretty good morning.


The Gwen John and Celia Paul exhibition(until 27 Jan 2013) was displayed in the old Queen Anne town house at the Pallant House Gallery. The sympathetic images of isolated individuals, rooms and London landmarks such as the telecom tower drew me in, wondering who both artists were/are, what their individual stories were and why they were exhibited together by the gallery in this way. And I found enough answers to these questions to leave me looking forward to finding out more about both artists.




IMG: Marlborough Fine Art Limited


In quite a radically different style the Jean Dubuffet pieces are displayed (until 3 Feb 2013) in the modern part of the gallery and are a lot more fun, with bright, somewhat humerous images of 1960s ‘Art Brut’ and is definitely also worth a look, but it will be Celia Paul and Gwen John that I’m sure I will look out for in the future.


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